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Betting on Darts in Illinois

If you’ve ever watched a casual darts game unfold at a local bar, you know just how intense the players become after a few rounds. What starts as a friendly game can quickly turn into a stony-faced contest with pride – and money – on the line. As the darts fly, so do the shouts of exasperation and pint glasses.

At BetRivers Illinois Sportsbook, we take darts betting seriously, too. You’ll find continuously updated darts odds, odds boosts, moneylines, parlays and more during major darts competitions. Keep reading to find out more about these hot darts betting action!

Why is Darts Betting So Popular?

Darts tournaments are skyrocketing popularity, thanks in part to televised darts events, as well as the growing trend of online darts betting. Whether you like Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis, Gary Anderson, or Michael van Gerwen, you’ll find plenty of darts action throughout the year. You can bet on Premier League Darts, the World Darts Championship at Ally Pally, and many other exciting competitions. Step right up and take a shot at the bull’s-eye today!

Darts odds are very different depending on the oddsmakers at each sportsbook. Be sure to check the odds at BetRivers Online Sportsbook, which has a well-reviewed and trustworthy platform with award-winning customer service. And before you place your darts bets, let’s review some of the wagering basics.

Darts Betting

How to Handicap Darts Bets

Like amateur golf, darts features a handicapping system that you can use to your advantage when placing bets.

When it comes to handicapping darts betting, each player has an advantage or disadvantage attributed to him. Let’s say the favorite player is given a handicap of -1.5, this means that he has to win by 2 sets. So, whenever you bet using this system, you will have to pay extra attention to the odds.

Outright Darts Betting Strategy

The fastest way to bet on darts is to simply pick the player you think will win outright. Choosing a highly regarding favorite results in lower winnings, but of course, the odds are that the favorite will take the match. Should you choose the underdog, who then goes on to win, your wager will result in a higher payoff.

Darts betting requires some strategizing on your part. In a single match, there are relatively few betting opportunities. In a tournament, however, there are multiple phases, which gives you the opportunity to create your own darts betting strategy. Maybe you’ll try to pick the outright winner, but you aren’t 100% convinced that your choice is correct. In this situation, you could wager on an outright win, and also on the possibility that the same player is going to reach the quarterfinals. Setting up your bets this way gives you more chances to win.

Online Darts Betting

Win Accumulator Strategy

If you don’t want to try to pick the outright winner of an entire tournament, you may instead want to try the win accumulator system. This system gives you a lot of betting action and additional excitement throughout the event.

It works like this. Wagering on a single match does not usually bring you much of a profit, simply because the odds are too low. To counter this, bettors often put their money on several matches. For example, you could bet on five individual matches. Each time you accurately predict the winner of a match, the money you make accumulates. Choose wisely and you can turn individual low-odds matches into a sizable tournament payout.

Both experienced and beginner darts bettors often find great fun and excitement in the accumulator system. No matter what sort of darts wagering strategy you choose, analyze and identify the best odds, then sit back and enjoy the fun!

Darts Betting FAQs

Can I bet on darts live? Yes. BetRivers gives you an opportunity to bet on this sport live. In-play darts betting is fast-paced fun for bettors who are able to quickly see quality odds.

What is virtual darts betting? This form of betting includes 3D visualization and offers different betting options such as the match-winner, total checkout, and colors market.

How can I find out the amount I can make from darts betting? You can use the betting calculator to help you find out the potential returns you can get as you focus on certain odds.