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Motorcycle Betting in Illinois

There’s nothing quite like the roar of motorcycles as they blaze around roadways at breakneck speeds. Fans cheer in person and during popular televised races like the MotoGP, Daytona 200, Grand Prix, Superbike World Championship, or the Motocross World Championship. And of course, motorcycle betting is on the rise, too. Betting on races allows hardcore fans to take part in the thrills of each high-speed event. Here are a few motorcycle race gambling tips, whether you are betting for the first time or you are a more experienced bettor.

Introduction to Online Motorcycle Betting

Motorcycle race outcomes are often unpredictable, however, by familiarizing yourself with basic racing strategies and race rules, you’ll get a feel for how competitors might perform. Pick just one or two types of motorcycle racing to start – learn about road surface types and conditions, winning criteria, race mileage, competitor strength, as well as past performance of each top rider who is entered in the race. With a bit of experience, you’ll begin to see the rhythms of racing. Pair that knowledge with expert betting tips and you’ll start to recognize value in these markets and learn to place smart bets.

You can quickly rev up your motorcycle racing knowledge by following betting experts on social media, especially on Twitter. If you find a motorcycle gambling expert with many followers, read the comments and posts to see how these bettors fare. If you see them correctly predicting win after win, you may be able to base your own betting strategies using these tips as a guide.

Motorcycle Betting

Moto GP Betting

Moto GP represents the elite class of motorcycle road racing events, and the best motorcyclists compete in these races. BetRivers Illinois Sportsbook offers Moto GP odds for a variety of Moto GP betting markets. Some of the most popular races include the British Grand Prix, the Gran Premio Octo di San Marino e Della Riviera di Rimini and the Malaysia motorcycle Grand Prix.

MotoCross Betting in Illinois

Motocross includes Supercross and Supermoto events. These are dirt track races, featuring bikes with knobby tire tread and heavy-duty suspensions that absorb the blows from rugged terrain and high jumps.

When you see odds on a motocross or Supercross event, it’s not just about correctly predicting who will win the race. Some sportsbooks, for example, offer match-betting odds, which pit one rider against another rather than against all the others. That way you can still have fun betting without having to pick just one rider to win the entire race. You can also place bets on how many different leaders there will be during a given race.

Superbike Betting

World superbike usually takes place in Europe and the season lasts for about 9 months. Each of the races is contested on specific tracks, and winners are awarded points ranging from position 1 to 15.

The winner of an individual event is awarded about 25 points while the 1 point is awarded to the rider who finishes at 15th place. There are 13 total rounds, giving each racer (and bettor) plenty of potential action.

Superbike World Championship (aka SBK or WSBK) was founded in 1988 as a series of motorsport races for modified production motorcycles, held at exciting tracks around the world. Each event features two races to determine the winners of both the manufacturer and driver categories.

Interestingly, the motorcycles that you can see in World Superbike events are legal for general consumers -- unlike many other road racing motorsports in which the vehicles are specifically built for a particular event. Superbike simply jazzed up versions of bikes that can be bought at any dealership. Popular brands include Yamaha, BMW, Ducati, Aprilia, MV Augusta, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.

Most Superbike races take place on European tracks. Some events are held in other countries, though, including Australia, the United States, Qatar, South Africa, to name a few. The races are regulated by the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) and orchestrated by Dorna, a sports management company that also organizes MotoGP.

Endurance Motorcycle Betting

Endurance races are extreme events designed to push both riders and their bikes to their limits. The Hare scramble formats, rally, and Enduro races are all examples of endurance events.

Types of Motorcycle Betting

Race Winner – This is by far the most common motorcycle bet. You simply try to pick the rider you think will win the race outright.

Podium Finish – A podium finish means a rider finishes in one of the top three spots. You can bet on the podium finish market, and doing so gives your wager some flexibility, as you don’t have to correctly pick the outright winner.

Racer Matchups – In this bet, the sportsbook actually pits two riders of similar abilities against each other, and bettors must predict who will finish first.

Pole Position – Before every race, riders must complete trials to practice on the racecourse. The rider with the fastest practice heat wins the pole position, or the first spot in line. You can bet to see who will win the pole.

Fastest Lap – Many races consist of dozens of repeated laps around a track. You can wager on which rider will achieve the fastest lap time during the race.