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The verdant rolling links, the brutal sand traps -- the snap of a driver and the arc of a white orb as it sails into the middle of the fairway. Golf is both beautiful and agonizing, for players and fans alike. But this temperamental sport also offers incredibly exciting sports betting. The first thing you should become familiar with is how the odds work in golf.

BetRivers Illinois Sportsbook offers golf betting throughout the season. You’ll find updated golf odds, moneylines, odds boots, parlays, props, and other exciting bets during regular tour events, as well as spotlight tournaments, too.

Many golf bettors like betting on of the major golf tournaments. For instance, you can bet on the PGA Tour played in the US or the European Tour played across Europe. Some golf fans also bet on events such as the Masters and the Open Championship.

BetRivers offers both recreational and professional bettors a chance to place wagers on golf. Want to bet at midnight from the comfort of your couch? No problem! Grab your smartphone or laptop and you can bet anywhere you have an Internet connection. You’ll enjoy our easy-to-use interface and 24/7 customer service, too.

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How to Bet on Golf in Illinois

There are a variety of golf betting strategies at every online sportsbook. Some popular systems include futures betting, picking the outright winner, props bets, winner market, and first-round leader. Most golf bettors like try to pick the tournament winner – this bet relies heavily on your knowledge of the strongest players, and the odds are quite favorable for high payouts.

Think you know the player that will be hot right out of the gates? You can try to pick the first-round leader. This is sometimes easier than picking the tournament’s outright winner, as the player only has to perform well for one day – instead of all four days of the tournament.

Futures betting is also a captivating market that you can consider. This involves placing long-term golf bets. For instance, you can predict who you think will win the PGA Championship.

Also consider prop bets. Prop bets don’t have a direct impact on the tournament's outcome. For instance, you can predict whether the tournament winner will be above or below 35 years old. Easy enough, right? Give it a shot during the next big event!

Online Golf Betting

Golf Odds and Place Finish Bets

In a place finish bet, you pick whether players will finish inside the top five, top 10 or top 20. The payouts aren’t as lucrative as picking outright winners, but these smaller bets give you fast action for a minimal investment. Many bettors find that their best bets each week will come from top 20s on players who have momentum and play well on the course in question. At the very least, you’ll get at least even money on most of these plays. There is a catch though. Most sportsbooks will apply dead-heat rules to finishing position wagers. So, if your pick finishes in a four-way tie for 15th and you bet him Top 20, you’ll only win 1/5th of your wager.

Golf Odds 101

If you still find golf odds confusing, let’s back up for a brief review.

Let’s assume that Tiger Woods is +800 (also written as 8-1) to win a tournament. If you bet on Tiger to win and he does, you win 8 times your investment. In other words, if you bet $10 at +800 and win, you will net $80.

Often, the odds for a strong player in a golf tournament is between +600 and +1300 while the longest longshot could be in the realm of +50000 (500-1). The potential payoff for the longshot is tremendous, but again, they are long shots for a reason.

In matchup betting, you pick one competitor to post the better score over another player, either during one round or perhaps over the course of a tournament. Those odds will be much lower than the longshot odds of picking the outright winner of a tournament.


How can I start betting on golf from BetrRivers? Start by going through the registration process on our site, then place your bet on golf. Choose from one of the markets we have discussed and start analyzing the odds.

Is it possible to bet on more than a single golfer? Yes. You can achieve this by focusing on live betting. It is possible to bet on two golfers playing the same course but in separate groups.

Do you offer bonuses for this type of sports betting? Yes. You can use our welcome bonus as you bet on golf.